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How to use strength training to double your metabolism & tone up

Join me on this short vlog to discover the easiest way for you to start strength training and repairing your function whilst helping double your metabolism 


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After one too many low calorie diets, much of that beautiful muscle and bone you built when you were a young adult, chasing waterfalls, will have been slowly whittled away. Effectively being replaced by fat, and a painfully slow metabolism.

It's incredibly important for women and men in their 30’s and beyond to pay attention to maintaining and improving their function and physiology.

If you spend $100 on anti-ageing creams, then you really should be investing 50x that much into your body.

After all, the definition of ageing is a down-regulation of physiological function.

So anti-ageing would be to up-regulate that function — which you can totally do with the help of strength training and what we call “Regenerative Nutrition,” or using food to heal, support, grow and power you.

Strength training is one of the best investments you can make...

when you're looking to develop a leaner, stronger, better functioning, younger looking body.

For example, if a woman tells me she want’s to “tone up,” I try to teach her at least a rudimentary understanding of what that means in terms of steps to arrive at that goal.

“Tone” is a relationship between the amount of muscle and the amount of fat you carry that results in visual appeal. It’s not really a real thing. And it’s a personal, subjective view point.

To be toned, we have to get the client to...

1. Reduce body fat.
2. Maintain or increase muscle.
3. Most likely improve posture (posture is a likely part of the total visual appeal of being “toned”)

The next step is to teach an understanding of the most efficient and effective methods to achieve her goal of being “toned.”

These are:    

1. Reduction of body fat which is done by your diet, not treadmill and burpees. To reiterate, I encourage people not to look at training as something that will burn your fat. Your diet will do that for you.

2. Maintenance and increase of muscle which is done by lifting weights with excellent technique and choosing the right exercises.

3. Perfect posture is promoted by proper exercise prescription and technique.

If you’ve never worked on your nutrition and strength training you can work with me to build those up here.

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