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Perfectly Pure Collagen by My Way Up reverses skin and bone ageing


1. Collagen Reduces Cellulite.

Collagen has been shown to reduce cellulite by strengthening connective tissue under the skin which keeps cellulite-forming fat at bay.

When ageing and damage occurs, this connective tissue weakens, and fatty deposits become more superficial - which show up as cellulite. Increased collagen changes the integrity and strength of skin, which powerfully reduces cellulite.

2. Collagen Reverses Age-Related Bone Loss.

Women over the age of 35 can lose more than 1% of their bone (and lean muscle) every year. Research has shown that women taking just 5 grams of collagen peptides daily built 6% more bone in 12 months.

Incredibly, this improvement was shown in post-menopausal women - the most at risk group for osteoporosis. As always, prevention is better than the cure. Early use of collagen helps prevent problems related to bone ageing.

3. Collagen Reduces Wrinkles and Improves Skin Texture.

Because collagen thickens and hydrates the skin, and increases its elasticity,  use of collagen each day will also reduce wrinkles, whilst improving skin texture.

Most impressively, the visual changes are remarkable. The photos below are of cellulite effected skin, belonging to a post-menopausal woman.  

The difference in collagen density, organisation, and smoothness is clear.

Perfectly Pure Collagen by My Way Up transformation cellulite

4. Collagen Hydrates Skin

study of collagen peptides showed that after just 12 weeks the group taking collagen had a 28% increase in skin hydration (coupled with a 24% increase in skin density!).

At a four week follow up, subjects retained a significant increase in skin hydration even though collagen use had been stopped. Skin elasticity also improved, and wrinkle depth and skin roughness decreased.

5. Collagen Reduces Join Pain & Inflammation.

Joint connective tissue is made of collagen. Collagen has been shown to improve joint pain, increase tissue healing times and is itself, an anti-inflammatory protein.

We hear this kind of feedback, and feedback around skin, bone density, digestion, cellulite reduction, less bloating and more - every day. 

Perfectly Pure Collagen

My Way Up Perfectly Pure Collagen helps skin and bone health

Is there anyone who hasn’t wanted to improve the look and feel of their skin?

The whole idea behind My Way Up was to produce the highest quality products to help people who don't have a lot of time to rebuild a youthful, well functioning body.

People shouldn’t have to be slaves to dozens of different vitamin pills, fad diets and crazy workout routines in order to make improvements in their body.

You should be able to simplify your nutrition and self care routine, and pare down to just a few items that help your body to look it's best.

That’s why we originally created My Way Up - to create a simple, "timeless" nutrition routine for people that not only was quick and easy, it also supported the restoration of their absolute best lean body. 

Perfectly Pure Collagen

Thousands of people are on their WAY UP and rebuilding their metabolism, function, skin, bones and digestion.

Our best selling lineup of functional, metabolism supporting superfoods are formulated by a clinical nutritionist and physiologist with 20+ years experience, working with thousands upon thousands of clients face-to-face (that's me, Steve!). 

Whilst other nutrition companies just add product after product, we began life as a clinical nutrition coaches - so we know how to solve the problems that people's bodies experience as they get older. 

If you 5 - 10 grams of collagen consistently each day, your skin texture, strength, smoothness and hydration will markedly improve. Not to mention the reduction in cellulite, increase in bone density, reduction of joint pain - and improvement in digestive health. Yes, Perfectly Pure Collagen is pretty great!

My Way Up products are tailor-made for people conscious of looking, feeling and functioning at their best - who don't have a lot of time.

We care about making our products with the finest ingredients.  

You'll never find any fillers, gums, sugar alcohols, artificial colours, thickeners, cheap proteins or anything else that isn't the best of it's kind, anywhere.

YOUR EXCLUSIVE INVITE to join the COLLAGEN RECIPE CLUB free to learn more about functional nutrition and innovative, simple ways to use collagen and lean body supporting foods to improve the way you look, feel and function. 

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By Steve Collins B. Ex Physiology U.Qld, ISSN Sports Nutritionist

Steve Collins My Way Up Founder