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How to grow better skin & hair with a pro-metabolic diet

There’s never been a better time to take control of your skin and hair health.

I’m not talking about conditioners and serums, I’m talking about looking after your skin and hair from the inside.

We make 2 of the highest quality, most powerful and traditional skin and hair improving superfoods known to humankind:

  • Hydrolysed collagen

  • Organic beef liver

Here’s exactly how to use them to make skin and hair gains.


Collagen is a wonderfully effective superfood that makes a marked difference in the quality of your skin, hair and nails (apart from being an important healer of the gut, reducer of inflammation and improver of joints).

My Way Up has sourced Marine Stewardship Council certified, wild caught marine collagen from pristine waters off the coast of Iceland.

It’s the worlds best marine quality and has been shown to be remarkably effective in improving skin hydration, skin strength, hair follicle thickness, wrinkle reduction and cellulite reduction.

Perfectly Pure Collagen

Hydrate & Glow Marine Collagen

Collagen is an anti-inflammatory protein that helps people to easily get not only their required daily protein intake, but also their daily amount of anti-inflammatory protein, largely from the amino acid glycine.

Protein is the most important part of food to be ingesting when trying to improve your lean body (muscles, bones, nails, skin, hair, joints).

In our coaching program, we work with hundreds of people every month who are having 2 main problems with their protein intake:

  1. They aren’t getting enough

  2. The protein they are eating is inflammatory (meat, eggs, fish, poultry) — there’s no anti-inflammatory protein to balance it out.

Enter collagen.

Collagen is the type of protein that makes up your skin and is a precursor to the keratin, that makes up your hair (and nails).

However it’s greatest gift is that in it’s “hydrolysed form” (it’s broken down form, like what we use in Perfectly Pure and Hydrate & Glow) it’s a tremendously bio-available, anti-inflammatory form of protein that is a powerful restorer of skin and hair.

People write off symptoms like dry, thin, wrinkled skin as “normal.” Those kind of symptoms don’t have to be normal if we get our protein intakes up and start to take care of our metabolism.

Consistent, quality, balanced protein intake is a great foundation to build a more youthful looking skin and hair with.

How to grow better skin & hair with collagen

What kind of collagen is best for me?

There are 2 main considerations when finding the right kind of collagen for you:

  1. The type of collagen — bovine or marine.

  2. The quality of the collagen.

1. The type of collagen

The best kind of collagen for you first and foremost comes down to your dietary preference — are you ok with collagen that comes from cows or would you prefer marine?

We formulated Hydrate & Glow Marine Collagen specifically for women who suffer with dry, dull skin. It contains 5 additional superfood nutraceuticals to boost its regenerative properties even further.

If skin and hair restoration are your most important considerations then Hydrate & Glow is your best option.

Perfectly Pure collagen nonetheless, is a powerful all around lean body restoration option for those who don’t mind bovine collagen. As you’ll read about soon — it’s all down to the quality of the collagen your ingesting.

And this is a serious minefield, given that cheap, nasty collagen is flooding the market at record rates.

Perfectly Pure Collagen

Hydrate & Glow Marine Collagen

2. The quality of collagen

Most marine collagen has 2 very unfortunate problems:

a) It comes from fish farms in Thailand and China.
b) It’s made using the far inferior in terms of quality (but far cheaper) part of the fish — the scales.

Hydrate & Glow Marine Collagen is made from Marine Stewardship Council certified, wild caught cod from the beautiful waters of the North Atlantic, off the coast of Norway, towards Iceland and Greenland.

We produce it using the skin rather than the scales. Finally, we “hydrolyse” it, in order to make it very easy for your body to digest and then use to grow new skin and hair with (and so that you can’t taste it or smell it at all).

The same problems that effect marine collagen (cheap, nasty, low quality), effect bovine collagen also.

Once again, much of the collagen that is flooding the market is produced from Chinese sources — that are often dangerously high in heavy metals.

Perfectly Pure made in Germany from hormone and antibiotic free, pastured bovine and is third party heavy metals tested. It’s the best quality bovine collagen in the world.

Organic Liver

Organic beef liver is the most nutrient (vitamins and minerals) dense superfood in the world.

Vitamins and minerals enable your body to perform all of your metabolic functions. Without vitamins and minerals, our bodies wouldn’t be able to run at all.

It stands to reason, then, that if you’re trying to improve the quality of your skin and hair, and your metabolism in general, you’ll require more vitamins and minerals to facilitate those upgrades.

Organic Australian Beef Liver

Organic liver is so highly packed with all of the A and B vitamins, that 2 to 4 capsules of liver per day will address your vitamin requirements, which will help with noticeable energy and vitality improvements (that’s why we recommend you take them in the morning).

Most people we work never eat organ meat — which formed such a key part of our ancestors nutrition.

Now you’ve got a cheat code.

Organic Australian Beef Liver Capsules

Key Takeaways

Collagen and good protein intake can from a key part of your anti-ageing and skin/hair restoration strategy along with increasing your vitamin and mineral intake — organic liver is the most vitamin and mineral dense food in the world.

It’s simple to use both of these foods daily and ever so easy to build a positive habit around — take it every morning when you have your coffee, tea or smoothie.

Collagen helps you balance your intake of inflammatory vs. anti-inflammatory protein. This is where the real magic of collagen lies and one of the reasons it’s such a powerful anti-ageing tool.

Collagen provides your metabolism with more “raw materials” that can be used to build new skin and hair.

Organic liver helps saturate your body with essential vitamins and minerals critical to facilitating your metabolism and repair functions.

Perfectly Pure Collagen

Hydrate & Glow Marine Collagen

Organic Australian Beef Liver Capsules

Pure Superfood Nutrition, Real results.

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