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1. Eat Unsaturated Fat.

Dry skin is a consequence of skin water loss. Unsaturated fats improve the water retention abilities of skin cells. Eat more coconut oil, extra virgin olive oil and fatty fish. Eat fewer vegetable oils like canola and sunflower oil, and fewer seeds and nuts to make way.


2. Use Marine Collagen.

Collagen contains high amounts of glycine - the primary building block of skin.  Eating more glycine is important when trying to heal the structure and integrity of skin, so that it retains more water. Studies have shown that taking just 5g of collagen taken daily can increase the actual amount of collagen in the skin by 62% and its hydration. Marine collagen is more specific to skin health than its counterpart and more common form of collagen - bovine.

Most marine collagen is farmed and uses the scales rather than the skin of the fish.  Look for a marine collagen sourced from wild caught fish, produced from skin.

3. Have adequate vitamins and minerals.

Diets low in essential vitamins and minerals, such as vitamin A and C result in less collagen production, more UV damage and less hydrated skin.  Liver will fix any vitamin A deficiency issues, and vitamin C can be consumed in fresh fruit - most notably kiwi. We've seen excellent benefits from bamboo silica and MSM supplementation also.


    4. Eat less gluten.

    Gluten can affect far more than just your digestive system—it also may affect your skin, in the form of several distinct skin conditions.

    Besides dermatitis, people with gluten sensitivity may have symptoms similar to eczema, psoriasis, acne, chronic dry skin, hives, and alopecia areata. Want to go gluten free-ish? Stay off the gluten free products (they are normally high in other skin interrupting additives like vegetable oils) and opt for a traditionally made sourdough bread.


    5. Drink less alcohol.

    Alcohol itself also causes dry skin 2 ways. The first, is simply that alcohol causes dehydration, including within your skin. 

    The second, is that alcohol produces a more toxic environment in the gut due to its influence on the bacteria that live there, which has a causal relationship with dry skin and scalp.

    Toxins that are over-produced in the gut because of alcohol, end up making their way into the blood stream, causing a system wide inflammatory response.

    If you're prone to dry skin and autoimmune problems, and you’ve noticed them flare after drinking, this is the reason.

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     Dry skin is the most common clinical manifestation of dermatologic diseases, and it presents with itching, redness, and desquamation-signs and clinical manifestations that are not only physically uncomfortable but also affect patients psychologically. 

    If you incorporate just a few of these diet tips into your day consistently, your skin and hair will markedly improve.


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      Written by Steve Collins, B. App Sci (Ex. Phys), ISSN on March 23, 2021