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Steroid creams will never fix your psoriasis. Healing your gut might.

Steroid creams will never fix your psoriasis. Why not?

The same reason putting a band-aid on your heel doesn't fundamentally fix the problem of ill-fitting shoes.

To genuinely fix something, you must find the source of the problem.


Psoriasis (along with eczema) is an autoimmune condition.


Since 80% of your immune system resides in your gut, supporting the healing and continued health of your gut is the most important long term and short term move you can make to improve your skin, reduce flare ups, and make great progress.


Leaky gut is a symptom where little gaps are created in the lining of your gut. These gaps allow improperly digested food particles, pathogens, bacteria, and toxins directly into the bloodstream.

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Your immune system then mounts a response to these invaders, becomes over-aggressive, and ends up attacking your own tissues! Not cool, body.


An over-zealous immune system is prone to causing autoimmune problems.


Your immune system, when working well, acts more like a loyal guard dog. It doesn't bark at every car that drives past, whilst attacking the DHL driver.


An immune system that causes an autoimmune problem is more like a vicious chihuahua - everything, even your own lovely skin, gets a good barking at, or bite.


You can take action and start improving your autoimmune symptoms like psoriasis, eczema, brain fog, fatigue and Hashimoto's by committing to the restoration of your gut lining.


Adding collagen, gelatin and liver into your diet helps to restore and rebuild the integrity of your gut lining - reducing autoimmune symptoms instantly when this restoration is achieved.

Gut Foundations

You can help these specialised proteins do their job by getting junk out of your diet, calming your lifestyle and stress down, getting 7+ hours of sleep, and living a simpler life.


I personally recommend the GUT FOUNDATIONS stack to anyone struggling with bad skin stemming from a bad gut. Coming from someone who was on steroid creams for psoriasis for 15+ years, this is a wonderful investment.


I'm steroid cream free for 4 years. I believe I couldn't have done that without collagen, gelatin and liver.

The Gut Foundations stack isn't a magic bullet. It will however, give you a wonderful springboard to launch yourself into finally fixing this painful problem for good. 

Gut Foundations


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