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anti-ageing nutrition


Pro-gut nutrition is a simple nutritional strategy, based on the science of human physiology, and the art of integrating the science seamlessly into everyday life.

In this article, I'll take you through a typical day of my pro-gut health diet.  It's the foundation of the pro-gut lifestyle thousands of my clients also live to stunning success. 

Meal 1

I wake up every morning around 6:30 am, after a solid 7 hrs, and manoeuvre relatively quickly (after some basic calisthenics) into breakfast - otherwise known as meal 1.  I prefer to say "meal 1" as many people break their fast at different time of the day, depending on their schedule.  

Most people with poor gut health, should eat breakfast. Here's what I tend to go for:     

Monday - Friday

Hero Gut (we're so excited about this product - I'm in the final testing for it now). Then, 2 eggs + 20g parmesan + 100g melon or berries + 15g of collagen with organic coffee and full fat milk.

This is a well balanced meal, on the higher fat side, which is what I prefer during the week, when I'm working.  The higher fat content of my breakfast helps to produce a slower rate of gastric emptying (1), a reduced rise in my blood sugar (2), and helps increase caffeine's effect (3).

I'll also take 4 Organic liver capsules with my coffee. I'm not a huge fan or the taste of liver - so the caps keep me regular, and they've been an absolute gift for the quality of my skin and energy in general, largely due to it's very high quantity of natural vitamin A.


Organic beef liver capsules


Organic Liver Multivitamins

Perfectly Pure Collagen



I do the same, with one important substitution - I'll go for low fat milk, and through in fresh baked sourdough bread (I make it at home - it sounds harder than it really is).

Meal 2

It's important to remember that I tend to be an overeater for the amount of activity I display during the week.  Although I do push ups and pull ups intermittently throughout the day, I spend an awful lot of time behind my desk.

My lunch reflects this.  I also tend to do some strength training after lunch, so I've included my post workout meal here too. 

Monday - Friday

Small leafy green salad with balsamic and extra virgin olive oil + low fat organic mozzarella + a few tomatoes.  100g of berries.  Carrot salad with grated carrot, salt, vinegar and coconut oil.  Organic coffee + low fat milk + 20g collagen.

gut healing lunch idea

Post-workout - Chocolate Hero Protein shake with 250mls of coconut milk, and medium sized banana.

Hero Protein


Australian casein custard


Something made up of as many pro-gut YES foods, and as few NO foods as possible.

Meal 3

Time to bring it home with a bang.  When I can, I opt for dinner around 6 pm.  Of course, sometimes the worms bit at around 9 pm (I have Hero Protein to help me out with that), but most of the time, getting a good meal in at dinner is enough.

The basic dinner formula I opt for is protein + a little + as many carbs as I need (based on hunger and how much I've moved that day).

Often that means fish or chicken + refined coconut oil or butter for cooking + plenty of roasted or mashed root vegetables.

I'll normally have a dessert of Hero Protein and some fruit or good gut marshmallows, which knocks out my sweet tooth before I can do any real damage later on.

Good Gut Marshmallows

Here's a basic overview of my day: 

Meal 1

2 eggs, 20g parmesan, 20g collagen, 250mls 4% fat milk, organic coffee, 100g of melon, 4 Organic Liver capsules.

Meal 2

Small bowl of leafy greens (less bitter the better), 5 ml olive oil, 10 ml balsamic vinegar, 75g mozzarella, grated carrot, 5ml coconut oil, 10 ml white vinegar, salt.  20g collagen, organic coffee, 250mls of 1.5% fat milk.  

Post workout - I'll eat some Good Gut Gelatin marshmallows. Most of you probably know by now, they are my absolutely favourite, so delicious, simple to make, and a powerful gut healing food.

Meal 3 

200g chicken, 350g mixed root vegetables including sweet potato, carrot, beetroot.  Bowl of vanilla Hero Protein custard with 80mls 1.5% fat milk, a handful of lychees.


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Written by Steve Collins, B. App Sci (Ex. Phys), ISSN on March 23, 2021