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Eating Liver Is One Anti-ageing Trend That's Here To Stay. Here's Why.

[Evidence Based & Fact Checked]

Organ meat is a traditional food that isn't on most people's menu any longer.  However, liver is making a big comeback.

Here are 5 remarkable benefits of liver and why you should incorporate liver into your diet asap.

Written by Steve Collins, B. App Sci (Ex. Phys), ISSN on March 29, 2021


1. Liver is the most nutrient dense food on the planet - especially in preformed vitamin A.  


Preformed vitamin A is known as retinol, and is the active form of vitamin A, which means it can be used as is by the body.  

Retinol is 4.5x more bio-available than inactive pro-vitamin A found in plant sources (1).

Vitamin A plays an essential role in reducing visual impairment (2), building healthy skin, improving thyroid function (3), and has a therapeutic effect in the treatment of some infectious diseases and on the immune system overall (4).

Organic Australian Beef Liver Capsules

2. Liver helps to protect your skin from ageing, especially when you're in the sun.

Liver, through its high amounts of retinol vitamin A, reduces skin ageing caused by the sun (5).  

Your skin stores vitamin A that strongly absorbs ultraviolet (UV) radiation from the sun at earth level. However, this absorption of UV radiation also causes the vitamin A to be destroyed (6).

This makes it all the more important to have a consistent food source of vitamin A.  


3. Liver has a powerful anti-ageing effect

Beef liver is 17 times higher in vitamin B12 than normal beef - which itself is a solid source of B12.  B12 is a nutrient that helps keep the body's nerve and blood cells healthy and helps make DNA, the genetic material in all cells.

It is estimated that up to 39% of the population has a deficiency in B12 (7).  

B vitamins support cellular development and powerfully increase the metabolism via improvements in cell function (8).

B vitamins also have a remarkable anti-ageing effect, with many types of vitamin B molecules being studied because of their effect on improving cell energy production and reducing oxidative stress (9) (10).

Liver also contains vitamin D, E, K, copper, coQ10, choline and iron.  These all play a role in everything from reducing the greying of hair (11) to reducing cell damage through lipid peroxidation.


4. People love the benefits, but hate the taste

Let's be honest - liver doesn't hit the palate like a good rump steak.

However, rump doesn't have to extreme nutritional benefits liver has either. In a world where we all want to have our cake and eat it too, Organic Beef Liver capsules are a quick, simple, taste-free way to get the benefits of liver, daily. 

We recommend take 2 - 4 liver capsules in the morning alongside your milky coffee because the fats in the milk with further improve the bio-availability of the fat soluble vitamins in the liver.

5.  Liver strengthens bones and promotes healthy arteries

Liver is a good source of vitamin K2 MK-4, the type found only in animal foods.  

Vitamin K2 helps to strengthen bones by playing a central role in the proper use of calcium by directing calcium into the bones rather than to arterial walls where plaques can form (12) (13).

Organic Australian Beef Liver Capsules

My Way Up Organic Beef Liver capsules are made from grass-fed and finished, regeneratively farmed cattle from the heart of Australia.  We were involved in every step of their production and we couldn't be more pleased with the remarkable feedback we've had about their effect on the health of our clients.




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