IBS + Bloat™
IBS + Bloat™
IBS + Bloat™
IBS + Bloat™
IBS + Bloat™
IBS + Bloat™
IBS + Bloat™
IBS + Bloat™
IBS + Bloat™
IBS + Bloat™
IBS + Bloat™
IBS + Bloat™
IBS + Bloat™
IBS + Bloat™

IBS + Bloat™

Less bloating. Regular poops. Flatter tummy.

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"Perfect daily poos and far less bloating. My gut is finally behaving and much flatter" — Julia B.

4-in-1 clinically-studied prebiotics, probiotics, polyphenols and botanicals to powerfully improve bowel function and reduce bloating and symptoms of medically diagnosed IBS.

  • Improves bowel function
  • Reduces bloating + symptoms of IBS
  • Reduces constipation

or 4 Payments of $19.48 i

  • Purity tested ingredients
  • Natural, medical grade formula
  • Results in 48 hours

Before and after customer stories

The purest, clinically tested ingredients for reliable results
Proven Customer Results

of My Way Up customers had reduced bloating in >48 hrs


of My Way Up customers improved IBS symptoms (bloating, gas, energy)

How it works naturally

Day 1 - 4

IBS + Bloat contains Meriva™, a bioavailable form of curcumin, a powerhouse anti-inflammatory. Meriva™ and the specialist probiotics go to work in your gut right away.

Day 5 - 14

HN019 is a strain of Bifidobacterium that helps reduce constipation and bloating. Customers report experiencing fully evacuated, complete bowel movements with straining.

Day 14+

The combination of probiotics and botanicals in IBS + Bloat continue to help improve the gut ecosystem, helping everything from immune health to gut barrier function.

What makes us the best

My Way Up®
Made By Gut Specialists
Made in Australia
Extensive Independent Lab Testing
TGA Registered
Backed by Scientific Research

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Clinically dosed, researched ingredients

Ingredients based on the latest gut health science – in dosages backed by evidence.

Independent lab testing and the cleanest ingredients – it’s our Made Clean™ guarantee

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