5 quick fixes for bloating that work

Written by Steve Collins on December 09, 2022

Tried everything to fix your bloating? Here are 5 simple quick fixes you've probably never heard of before.



Beans, legumes, seeds, nuts, oats, grains, raw vegetables and food additives like gums and sugar alcohols are difficult to digest, especially when they aren't prepared well.

Minimise these foods and you'll feel immediate improvement in your bloating. 



Certain special botanicals remove excess toxins, waste, and detox hormones from your gut. Most people lose significant weight and kill off bloating by simply doing this first important step.  


Stress, dieting, hormones, and toxins can slow down your gut function, making a belly more susceptible to bloating. Ginger helps to speed gut function up.


Well made broad spectrum digestive enzymes help your gut break and digest food better - which has a rapid effect on debloating the belly quickly. These digestive enzymes contain 7 different plant-based enzymes plus a clinical strength dose of ginger.


Up to 84% of people who suffer with bloating have small intestine bacterial overgrowth - or SIBO. 'Bad bacteria' that overgrow in SIBO cases cause bloating, sugar cravings, inflammation, bad breath, foul gas, and low energy.

Certain botanicals contain active ingredients that kill off these bad bacteria, and fungus (like candida), which reduces SIBO-related bloating and other symptoms.

This natural antibiotic formula is the most advanced in the world (and doesn't contain garlic like the others!).


Bloat Killa™ Stack

Healing your gut for good just takes 2 simple steps - and the first step is addressing the root causes and the symptoms of bloating.

Bloating is a signal that all is not right with your gut. In fact bloating, as painful as it is, isn't even the worst issue you might be experiencing on account of your gut health.

Poor skin, breakouts, autoimmune, low energy, weight gain, inflammation and brain fog can often all be traced back to problem gut health as the root cause.

The Bloat Killa™ Stack by My Way Up® was built by Australia's number 1 gut health supplement and testing company to easily and effectively solve bloating issues for every type of belly.

It's step 1 of our 2 step process of REMOVING constipation, bloat, toxins, and bad bacteria, and then using step 2 that REPAIRS and RESTORES the gut using our evidence-based Gut Repair™ supplement and Perfectly Pure™ Collagen, built specifically for bloated bellies.

Bloat Killa™ has been consistently sold out in Australia, partly because of it's effectiveness against all of the primary causes of bloating, and partly because it's making premium natural medicine available to ten's of thousands of people that either don't have the time, or the money to spend on naturopaths.

Learn more about the Bloat Killa™ Stack by My Way Up® here, and start your gut healing journey today.

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