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We believe in a world where our health doesn't hold us back.

We're helping create to create that world by setting the new standard for the most important part of health – gut health.

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To heal people, you gotta feel people.

Once upon a time, we were lost on our own health journeys.

But when all seemed lost, we found answers: start on the inside – your gut.

"We have become less healthy through how we eat, move, and live. Our healthcare system waits for us to get sick, then acts. We're here to change that through prevention, natural health, and science."

Steve Collins, Founder of My Way Up®

Results beyond one size fits all

When it comes to gut health, a pill pop can be can be powerful,
but will only get you so far.

We’re here to heal guts for life, so
we pair the goods with the smarts: serving evidence-based products with empowered education, personal testing and consulting.

Our 3 step process helps create lasting transformations - and return a sense of agency to people’s gut, body and life.

Made Clean™ guarantee

We go above and beyond with quality testing, traceability and transparency, so you can trust what you’re putting in your body is legit, and the absolute best.

Our medical-grade formulations are made in Australia from all-natural ingredients.

Where stuff comes from matters, so we make sure everything is traceable to the source.

We rigorously test through third party certifiers to ensure the safety and purity of every batch.

Hard core we know, but you deserve it.

Scientifically proven

We’re on a quest to transform guts and lives, which is why if we decide to make a product, then it absolutely has to work.

Many of our products are Australian L Listed Complimentary Medicines: backed by real scientific evidence and meeting strict governmental safety and effectiveness standards.

We’re ears deep in the latest gut health research, so you can rest assured you’re always getting the latest and greatest that modern
science has to offer.

Made in Australia Made Clean™ Clinically Proven Lab Tested Clean™
Made in Australia Made Clean™ Clinically Proven Lab Tested Clean™
Made in Australia Made Clean™ Clinically Proven Lab Tested Clean™

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Over 150,000 people are building better gut health, and health with My Way Up®

The purest, clinically tested ingredients are used for for consistently reliable results
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of My Way Up customers saw dramatic improvement to their gut health in 90 days


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