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100% carbon neutral

100% plastic neutral

Using recyclable boxes, bottles & inserts

Helping save ocean bound plastic

better health for you, and your tribe

How to spread good gut health

Nutrition is incredibly personal. So to positively influence the gut health of family & friends, use "pull" instead of "push."

Instead of telling people what you've learned & inssiting they change too, embody the changes yourself, be consistent with them & get a great result.

Pretty soon, people will look over your shoulder & ask you what you've done. That's your cue to help.

Our boxes are 100% recyclable. They are made and printed in Australia.

We've purchased plastic credits from Plastic Bank. We'll continue to purchase them based on how many orders we're shipping. Plastic Bank then recovers the plastic from developing contries on your behalf and recycles it. Last year, Plastic Bank recovered 17.5 million kgs of plastic.

The quality of your food choices, combined with lowering the stress you place upon your body are 2 of the most important factors related to your progress.

Our products help dramatically, and will take you further and faster, with more consistency, but always invest in quality food, sleep and exercise first. We can teach you more about that.

We've always been about sustainable change. On a strict, unsustainable diet whilst you're trying to improve your gut? You'll probably just stay stuck on the same rollercoaster you've been on.

We try to remain fairly nutritionally agnostic, however we always reccommend the good plan you can follow, rather than the perfect plan you can't.

Sustainable results means you need to be able to continue to get better with your nutrition, stress management, lifestyle management and possibly your exercise.

Sustainable food, means considering where you've sourced it.

We made a commitment from day one, to question where every one of our ingredients comes from, to become experts in product development, to use only the finest quality ingredients, and to never have anything nasty in a My Way Up product.

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