Personal Plan

Your plan includes 3 products

Personal Plan: Leaky Gut
  • Gut Repair™ to help repair a leaky, inflamed gut
  • Collagen Restore™ to benefit gut health in 7 days
  • Clean Glutamine™ to help reduce inflammation, symptoms of IBS and leaky gut
  • BONUS: Fix your gut for good in 90
days Book ($77 value)

Repair a leaky, inflamed gut

Gut Repair™ Gut Repair™ Leaky Gut · Gut Wall Repair
  • Repair of the gut wall
  • Healthy gut function
  • Restores beneficial bacteria

To help restore your good gut microbes

Collagen Restore™ Collagen Restore™ Advanced gut + beauty boosting formula
  • Skin wrinkles + elasticity
  • Bloating + bowel regularity
  • Hair, nails
  • Benefits gut health in 7 days

Ultra-absorbable plant based glutamine

Clean Glutamine™ Clean Glutamine™ Ultra-absorbable plant-based glutamine
  • For overall gut health + repair
  • Helps repair a leaky, inflamed gut
  • Helps reduce food sensitivities + sugar cravings


"My leaky gut, bloating and food sensitivity is 10x better."


"My gut health could not have changed more - my food sensitivity is gone, bloated far less and my gut is feeling like it did years ago."


"Easy to use and helped my leaky gut and inflammation."

The science of great gut health

Your custom plan helps improve the 3 key parts of great gut health

Relieve your symptoms

Leaky gut is a major root cause of many chronic health conditions. Food sensitivity, bloating, problem skin, brain fog and inflammaging can all be traced back in some major way to leaky gut.

Repair your gut wall

Your gut wall is where your digestion gets done – pesticides residues, industrial food additives and stress tend to damage the gut wall which is the major trigger for leaky gut.

Restore your microbiome

Modern living damages the delicate ecosystem in your gut known as the gut microbiome. Restoring it is an often overlooking part of proper gut healing and health journeys.