[CHEAT SHEET] 5 secret hacks to fix your bloating

Written by Steve Collins on May 30, 2024

After building 10's of thousands of people to better gut health, here are the top 5 hacks that 9/10 people with bloating aren't doing!

[CHEAT SHEET] 5 secret hacks to fix your bloating

1. Plants don't want to be food, either 

Animals don't want to be eaten, nor do plants. So plants make themselves hard to digest, and they make chemicals that affect those with already lousy gut health.

Whilst you're healing your gut, cook your plants well, and consider backing off on all the seeds, nuts, beans and legumes.

Psst, they're baby plants remember.


2. Rest and digest

Love to eat on the run or give yourself all of 3 minutes to eat lunch? Bad idea.

When you're stressed, your body diverts blood and therefore energy away from your gut. This is bad news for remaining bloat-free.

Take some deep breaths, and calm yourself before eating.


3. Build gut strength 

Your gut lining is thin - really thin - one cell thick kind of thin. That's a very delicate, for an organ that has so much work to do.

Keep it strong by eating easy to digest foods, and plenty of traditional proteins like collagen, bone broth, and organ meat.

Yeah yeah, we know - that's not easy to do. But you can make it easy by getting some pure collagen peptides and some desiccated organic liver in capsule form (no taste!).

4. Simplify your food

There's nothing wrong with a simple, 2 to 4 ingredient meal. In fact, we've seen literally thousands of people do better with some type of protein, one type of fat, and one type of carbohydrate on their plate - and that's about it!

When food is more simple, you can prioritise quality over quantity, and proper preparation over say, the microwave.

Here is an example:

Scrambled eggs with parmesan, piece of seasonal fruit. Coffee with milk + scoop of collagen.

5. Ditch the industrial gunk

Added sugars and industrial fats in food are no bueno. But so are emulsifiers, corn syrups, thickeners, and anything with numbers attached to them.

Most packaged foods, even when marketed as healthy, are not good for your gut. These "filler" ingredients are implicated as gut health damaging in multiple well controlled research studies.