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Collagen is a critical anti-inflammatory protein that is missing in most modern diets.  It is the most important and abundant protein that makes up healthy skin, bones, nails and hair.  

After taking Perfectly Pure or Hydrate & Glow collagen for just a few weeks, you'll notice remarkable differences in the quality of your skin, hair and nails.  We recommend you take it in the morning collagen is supremely high in the amino acid glycine, which can powerfully aid digestive system and connective tissue repair.

As we age, collagen production declines, however you can attenuate this decline by adding collagen into your diet.  It is the cornerstone of any pro-metabolic diet, along with good whole food nutrition, sleep and strength training.

My Way Up Liver is the most potent, organic vitamin and mineral rich superfood on the planet - without the taste. Exclusively sourced from an organic farm in the heartland of Australia & rich in vitamin A, D, E, K, B12, folate, copper, iron & coQ10. 

Liver plays a powerful role in the management of autoimmune disease and gut health. It's antioxidant properties make it a remarkable anti-inflammatory multivitamin and gut healing superfood.

The active vitamin A in Organic Liver (called retinol) helps to control the immune system response in your gut. It will also improve the quality and look of your skin.

Hero protein is our superfood enhanced casein protein that makes a delicious custard or smoothie.

Casein and whey are the two types of protein found in cow's milk. Casein protein is an anti-stress, pro-metabolic protein that supports lean muscle, fat loss & sleep.

It’s particularly useful taken before bed; it actively lowers stress hormones, digests slowly so helps to prevent the muscle catabolism (breakdown) that happens through the night.

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