Personal Plan

Your plan includes 3 products

  • Gut Reset™ to clear bad bacteria, fungus + worms that cause bloating
  • Digest+™ to help your gut break down difficult-to-digest parts of food
  • Collagen Restore™ with a special type of prebiotic to reduce bloating
  • BONUS: How to heal your gut in 90 days eBook ($77 value)

84% of people who suffer with IBS + bloating have bacterial overgrowth

Gut Reset™ Gut Reset™ Specialised debloating support
  • Reduce bad bacteria, fungus + worms
  • Relieve belly discomfort + indigestion
  • Reduce bloating, cramping + excess gas

Advanced digestive enzymes + specialised ginger extract

Digest +™ Digest +™ Be bloat free after food
  • Reduce post-meal bloating, gas + discomfort
  • Aids absorption of vitamins + minerals
  • Supports healthy digestion

To help restore your good gut microbes

Collagen Restore™ Collagen Restore™ Advanced gut + beauty boosting formula
  • Skin wrinkles + elasticity
  • Bloating + bowel regularity
  • Hair, nails
  • Benefits gut health in 7 days

Ellen N.

"As a naturopath, these are my go-to formulas to help with bloating"

Alysse A.

"This has been such a game changer - bloating gone"

Erin B.

"I have finally experience relief after having the most uncomfortable painful bloating for too long"

The science of great gut health

Your plan is evidence-based and features 2 natural, complimentary medicines plus 1 functional food – all designed to give your bloating the boot, long term.

Relieve your symptoms

Up to 84% of people with persistent belly bloating have overgrowths of bad bacteria or fungus that are largely responsible for causing the bloating.

Digest food faster

When resetting a bloated belly, digesting food quickly and efficiently is important – your stack helps with exactly that.

Restore your microbiome

The bacteria in your belly, love it or hate it, are vitally important to your health and wellbeing. Modern living ruins this ecosystem – we help fix it.