Personal Plan

Your plan includes 3 products

  • IBS + Bloat™ to powerfully address stress, IBS, bloating and poor bowel function.
  • Gut Repair™ to help repair a leaky, inflamed gut
  • Collagen Restore™ to benefit gut health in 7 days
  • BONUS: Fix your gut for good in 90
days Book ($77 value)

Repair a leaky, inflamed gut

Gut Repair™ Gut Repair™ Leaky Gut · Gut Wall Repair
  • Repair of the gut wall
  • Healthy gut function
  • Restores beneficial bacteria

To help restore your good gut microbes

Collagen Restore™ Collagen Restore™ Advanced gut + beauty boosting formula
  • Skin wrinkles + elasticity
  • Bloating + bowel regularity
  • Hair, nails
  • Benefits gut health in 7 days


"Just after a few short days already feeling better, less bloated and no stomach cramps."


"This collagen absolutely transformed the gut health of my kids, and me and my husband."


"This has given extra help to my digestion and less bloat."

The science of great gut health

Your plan takes a multifaceted approach to improving heartburn and your gut health overall.

Relieve your symptoms

Increasing gut motility (how food moves through your gut) is key to improving the symptoms of heartburn. IBS + Bloat is a product that helps do this by using specific probiotics.

Repair your gut wall

Repairing a leaky, inflamed gut and re-establishing great digestive function is key to long term improvements in symptoms.

Restore your microbiome

Collagen Restore™ contains Bimuno®, the world's most researched prebiotic, clinically proven to reshape your microbiome so that it supports health and digestive function.