Personal Plan

Your plan includes 3 products

  • Collagen Restore™ to benefit gut health in 7 days
  • Clean Glutamine™ to help reduce inflammation, symptoms of IBS and leaky gut
  • Organic Liver to fill nutrient gaps and deliver the foundation for better health
  • BONUS: Fix your gut for good in 90
days Book ($77 value)

To help restore your good gut microbes

Collagen Restore™ Collagen Restore™ Advanced gut + beauty boosting formula
  • Skin wrinkles + elasticity
  • Bloating + bowel regularity
  • Hair, nails
  • Benefits gut health in 7 days

Ultra-absorbable plant based glutamine

Clean Glutamine™ Clean Glutamine™ Ultra-absorbable plant-based glutamine
  • For overall gut health + repair
  • Helps repair a leaky, inflamed gut
  • Helps reduce food sensitivities + sugar cravings

Multivitamins made by nature, not a lab

Organic Liver Multivitamin Organic Liver Multivitamin Foundational daily nutrition + health
  • Vitamin A, D3 + K2 for great skin + bones
  • B12, B6 + iron for better energy
  • Copper + selenium for hormonal health
  • 22+ organic vitamins, minerals + nutrients


"My whole family has transformed we all use organic liver. We used to spend so much on "multivitamin". What a waste."


"This collagen absolutely transformed the gut health of my kids and me and my husband."


"My mum got me some liver capsules - these have imprved my iron, my energy, and no yellow pee ever!"

The science of great gut health

Great gut health is important for a child's growth and development, as well as their mental and behavioural health.

Early Impact of Gut Health

The gut microbiome and potential for lifelong health or disease is shaped early on. It's easier to reshape the microbiome of a child compared with an adult.

Repair your gut wall

Exposure to antibiotics, certain medications, pesticide and plastic residues and industrial food additives damage the delicate gut wall of a child and can cause disease, behavioural problems and learning difficulty.

Restore your microbiome

Collagen Restore™ contains Bimuno®, the world's most researched prebiotic, is clinically proven to reshape the gut microbiome making it a perfect partner product for you and your child.