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Food prep that's gut healing and highly nutritious doesn't have to take a lot of time. Here are 5 quick fire yet highly nutritious meals that will help you on your gut health journey - and that won't make you late for the bus.

1. Hard boiled eggs + Collagen Coffee + Berries.

Boiling eggs? It take as long to boil 6 as it does one. So boil 6, eat 2, make your collagen coffee whilst the eggs are on the boil, grab some berries for after. Quick, nutrient dense, digestible, balanced.

Perfectly Pure Collagen

2. Multi-minerals in minutes.

Get your blender out. Put half a banana in, your favourite type of milk, a pinch of cinnamon, cacao, chocolate Hero Protein (if you're ok on dairy), a tablespoon of collagen, ice, blend.

Note - your milk should have some fat in it, otherwise you might get rather hungry after an hour or 2. Also note, try 3 liver capsules here to really explode the nutrient value of the meal.

Organic Liver Multivitamins

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3. Steve's famous French toast.

Two slices of properly made sourdough, two eggs, 4 eggs whites. Whisk the eggs in a bowl, get your pan on the heat and lay down some butter or ghee. Dip the sourdough in the eggs, place on the hot pan. Flip after approx. 2 mins. Grate a little parmesan on, salt, slide them off the pan. Enjoy with a collagen coffee or tea.

4. The Snack Pack (ultimate edition). 

Coconut flakes, 15g. Halved or quartered macadamias, 15g. Dark chocolate, quartered, 15g. Add to a little baggie. Enjoy!

5. Single ingredient supper

A bowl of lychees or similar. A platter of hard cheese, olives, salted meat. A bowl of chips cooked in coconut oil. Dessert = Hero Protein (for the protein).

Great gut health is actually very simple. Your grandparents did it - and so can you!

Simple, quality food, combined with some good old fashioned cutting edge science is all you need to get your gut back on your team.  

Let us take care of the science, and you take care of the simple, quality nutrition (we've got the best pro-gut recipe section you've ever seen for My Way Up customers inside of your #gutsquad clubhouse.

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Steve Collins, B. App Sci (Ex. Phys), ISSN on May 29, 2021