Answers for your gut

Honest truth? Life with bad guts sucks.

We know — we’ve been there, feeling lost, farty and

But you can take the guesswork out of your gut health.

Pro Gut™ is an advanced microbiome test that identifies problem areas and gives you a simple, deeply personalised plan to address them.

Take the guess work out of gut health. Simple, at-home gut health testing for a clear plan to better health.

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Why test your gut?

Test, don't guess. Sometimes, supplements and therapeautics just plain don't work – this can be for any number of reasons.

But the most common reason is, that something is being missed. Pro Gut™ test your gut microbiome in order to build an evidence-based, personalised nutrition plan of attack for you, to get you results beyond one size fits all.

Meet Your Inner World
You're home to 70 trillion microbes. It's time to get to know them.
Get Personalised Answers
Pro Gut™ allows our clinicians to personalise your gut healing journey.
Personalised Nutrition
With the results from Pro Gut™, we can help to shift your microbiome so that it supports your health better.

"My Way Up’s clinicians create bespoke plans for their clients that incorporate nutrition, lifestyle alterations, supplements, and advanced testing."

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