3 quick steps for rebuilding youthful gut function + digestion (you can do!)

Written by Steve Collins on June 08, 2022

3 quick steps to rebuilding youthful gut function and digestion


Stress is the ultimate killer of good digestion.

When you take on a low calorie diet, high workload, a low quality diet or poor sleep, your digestive system tends to “downregulate” — meaning its function gets worse.

It generally doesn’t have anything to do with probiotics or your gut bacteria. We’ve typically found that when our clients simply work at lowering their reliance on “stress hormones,” gut function improves remarkably.


Your nervous system (NS) has two control points:

a. The Parasympathetic NS (your calming NS)
b. The Sympathetic NS (your stress NS)


During strenuous exercise, a low calorie diet, low blood sugar, heavy caffeine use, and high stress generally, say from work or a life pressure, your “stress NS” will redirect blood flow and function away from your gut and towards where it’s needed more so.

This simple imbalance between your calm and stress NS is probably largely responsible for your reduction from a “number 2” every day, to every other day, to about as much regularity as rain in outback Australia.


How To Restart The Gut

Most of our clients have this problem to begin with — you’re not alone.

Luckily, getting regular again is all part of restoring great metabolic function, which is what we’re specialised to do.


There are 3 simple things you can do daily to fix the problem once and for all:

      1. Balance your blood sugar — eat a solid breakfast, lunch and dinner, with protein, fats and carbohydrates at each meal. You can get a meal plan here.

      2. Start to lower the endotoxin and serotonin in your gut by eating a carrot salad daily (grated carrot, olive oil, vinegar, salt).

      3. Take 1 or 2 Debloat Detox™ capsules daily to help your peristalsis (movement of food and bulk along the gut) — this one is important!


At a minimum, if you take a Debloat Detox™ capsule before bed (you may need 2 caps — do some testing) you will go to the bathroom the next morning.


We use 10 traditional natural ingredients, most notably well aged Cascara Sagrada that helps your intestines to start working properly again, rather than to simply flush you out like laxatives do.

We recommend a course of 1 to 2 Debloat Detox™ capsules for 14 days every 2-3 months.

You’ll lose a lot of intestinal bulk during the first few days, so be prepared for some weight loss and smaller stomach area — oh, and the downright blissful feeling you get from being regular.


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