Organic Liver Multivitamins: The Worlds Highest Quality Desiccated Beef Liver

Written by Steve Collins on November 03, 2022

Australia's heartland––the Lake Ayre region, is home to some of most mineral rich soil and grassland in the world.

It's where we source Organic Liver Multivitamins. 100% organic, grass-fed and finished liver that's make up the worlds most vitamin and mineral dense, pure superfood capsules.

Organic Liver Multivitamins | My Way Up®


Why organically sourced liver is important.

We were among the first companies to desiccate and encapsulate our own beef liver. Nowadays, there's a lot of hype around beef liver: and that's great!

But with hype, comes corner and cost cutting. Most beef liver capsules, even though it's claimed they are "grass-fed" are still grain finished. This means that these cows are most likely given antibiotics during this fattening process––they are sick cows.

If you've taken liver capsules before, read the label very carefully. You'll almost certainly find that your capsules aren't grass finished, or organic. Sure, it will say grass-fed, but that's just a common trick.

We purchase fresh organic grass-fed and finished Australian beef liver at significantly extra cost (approx. 175% more than normal grass-fed only liver) because we believe in it's importance. 

Once again, most (almost all) liver supplements, especially the very famous ones, are not grass-finished, or organic.

How to get the most out of Organic Liver multivitamins



No supplement will ever fix a lousy lifestyle. Minimising alcohol and processed oil, flour, grains and sugar intake is a great start.

Take your Organic Liver capsules in the morning with a collagen coffee (Perfectly Pure™ Collagen + coffee + milk if you drink milk).

There aren't any other tricks to maximising the benefits of Organic Liver other than things you probably already know about:

1. Sleep 7+ hours a night
2. Eat food your great grandmother would recognise
3. Move your body

What we teach people who work with us is to support their gut function, energy, muscle and metabolism by:

  • Eating enough energy so that you feel calm, and warm
  • Eating regularly enough so that you feel calm, and warm
  • Eating enough protein, carbs, and fats so that your blood sugar remains balanced, and you feel calm, and warm
  • Eating enough vitamins and minerals

These aren't precise prescriptions of course. But in general, for most people that will mean following a quality, traditional diet, and not some fad new age diet.

The traditional basics work best.

The next step?

If you're into a clean, more traditional approach to your gut health, your healing, longevity, and improving your lean body, Perfectly Pure™ Collagen is a great stacking product that goes beautifully with Organic Liver multivitamins.

Find out more about our collagen here. Or to find out what products will best help your with your personal symptoms, take our personalised plan builder quiz.

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