Simple hacks to radically boost kids nutrition

Written by Steve Collins on January 30, 2023

Here are 5 simple nutrition hacks that help boost your child's gut health and make mealtime a little easier. These are also great PREVENTATIVE gut health strategies.

5 simple nutrition hacks that help boost your child's gut health
  • Give them 4 sprays of Immune + Energy vitamin D3/K2 spray. It tastes like minties.

  • Give them Organic Liver capsules - 10 mins of iPad time for each capsule they eat up to 40 mins. You can also open the capsules.

  • Make them Hero Protein smoothies (delicious!) and hide collagen in their smoothies (tasteless - creaminess inducing!)

  • Make them hot chocolates with Energy + Glow Collagen. We already took the liberty of hiding 10g of gut repairing collagen bone broth in each serve for you.

  • Set a great example for your kids (we saved the dagger for last!)

IMPORTANT BONUS: kids immune systems are being left vulnerable with over use of antibiotics, over sanitation, and over consumption of processed food.

A diverse microbiome is CRITICAL to a well trained immune system. Opti Flor™ is a brilliant multi-strain probiotic, suitable for kids 2+ and adults.

Consider a quality probiotic as part of a sickness, allergy and autoimmune (such as skin problems) prevention strategy as early as possible.

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